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Safety Mask






1. VESTS - MUST be worn starting at the parking lot and all the way through until they return the vans back. They need to be outside your jacket.


2. MASKS - MUST be worn over your nose an mouth - especially in the Amazon facility and the load out area


3. ALL IN / ALL OUT - All DAs pull into the load out area at the same time* All DAs who are late will be loading at the Zebra (if the Zebra is full, they will make a 4th row)* All DAs MUST wait until all vans are stopped with engines turned off before walking to the staging area. The time to leave the vans will be announced by Yard Marshall.* All DAs who are late leaving will be held back to the next wave* All DAs will leave the load out area together when all are inside their vans* You DO NOT walk in between vans when they are ready to pull out


4. COVID - All DAs must follow the outlined walkways* There is no interaction with less than 6 ft (unless you are in the van and they are outside helping)* No fist bumping or hand shaking* Masks must be worn in the yard and when delivering

5. PROFESSIONALISM - All DAs should comply with any request from Amazon management team* If any DA feels that they are being talk to in a demeaning way they should not talk back but instead report this to the manager - and we will record the incident

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