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*** ASBG RULES ***

1. LATENESS - If you arrive late for your shift and is forced by Amazon to load with the next wave, your Paycom start time will start at load time. There should not be any latenesses. All DAs who are late, even by 30 seconds will be loading in the next wave - that is Amazon’s rule.

2. CALL OUTS - We are building a solid, dependable and efficient team. Same day call outs are a serious issue and effect the whole team. Therefore, if you have a same day callout you will lose a week of work. If you call out the night before and I can not find a replacement for you, you will lose 1/2 of your week.


3. UNIFORM RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED by Amazon - You must be wearing an Amazon branded vest and an Amazon branded pants. THEY WILL SEND YOU HOME if you are not wearing them. Ask the manager if you do not have them.


4. SOCIAL DISTANCING IS STRICTLY ENFORCED by Amazon - They are issuing infractions and sending people home. They have done this already. We also have to be courteous to Amazon Load-out marshals and staff - they do not have anything against anyone personally - they are there to enforce these rules. Arguing with them (even if you feel that they are being rude) will ultimately hurt you individually as well as us as a company.

5. CLEAN YOUR VANS - At the end of the day, you are required to clean your own van. No one wants to find someone else's urine bottle or trash.

6. SAFETY RULES - Make sure you observe social distancing rules (no hand shaking or fist bumping). Amazon vest must be on before you get to the load out area. Amazon will send you home if these rules are not followed - they have done this to us already.

7. TICKETS - Please take extra care when parking. The tickets are getting to be too much. I do not want to charge you for them but will be forced to. Hydrant and Bus lanes are NOT ALLOWED. If you get s camera speeding or red light ticket - we will be charging you.

8. If you did not watch the Sexual harassment video - watch it. Please email me a snapshot of your completion. 

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