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Delivery Driver Associate - Experience Delivery Drivers, deliver Amazon packages. Build your carrier!


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Job Description

Delivery People: Join our ASB Global DSP Delivery team at the new Woodside NY facility! We don't only offer a delivery job, we offer a unique career growth path.

We are seeking an experienced, dependable, delivery driver to become a vital part of our delivery team. Physical strength and stamina, as well as a clean driving and background records are required. Delivery Drivers must be organized, efficient and professional at all times while ensuring deliveries are made accurately, safely and on time.

Delivery Driver Requirements and Qualifications

•           Must be at least 21 years old and must have had a valid DMV driver’s license for a minimum of 5 years

•           6+ months experience in a cargo van type vehicle within the last three years.

•           Must have 5 years verifiable experience with no DUIs, suspensions, or accidents.

•           Possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent certification.

•           Must be facile with navigation and communication technology including GPS and other smart phone related applications

•           Physically fit and strong, able to lift up to 49 pounds comfortably.

•           Must be able to get in and out of the van 200+ times per day.

•           Must be reliable, flexible and exhibit a sense of urgency while on the job

•           Professional and pleasant disposition, able to give all clients a positive customer service experience.

•           Candidate should be dependable, hardworking and an effective communicator.

•           Excellent time-management and organizational skills required.

•           Must be a team player


Delivery Driver Duties and Responsibilities

•           Ability to drive in all weather conditions in a safe and responsible manner.

•           Working varying shifts of up to 10 hours per day.

•           Walking and standing for extended periods of time, in all weather conditions

•           Demonstrate high-level command of loading, sorting, and locating of packages.

•           Follow set, scheduled route for daily deliveries.

•           Communicate well with supervisors and other team members.

•           Functioning in a fast-paced environment and meeting deadlines.

•           Read maps or set GPS to determine and track daily route.

•           Ensure inventory stock matches delivery requirements.

•           Load and organize product inventory from warehouse into your vehicle and unload products in and out of truck as needed throughout the day.

•           Always keep vehicle organized, clean and tidy.

•           Scan and take pictures for confirmation of delivery upon arrival to recipient client.

•           Check in with warehouse on delivery progress as needed.

•           Maintain and organize all non-delivered packages with proper documentation and deliver it to the proper personnel at the end of each shift.

•           Refuel vehicle at end of day prior to returning the vehicle.

•           Inspect delivery vehicle daily looking for anything problematic (low tire pressure, tire wear, dents etc.) and report any abnormalities.

•           Report any accidents or vehicle issues encountered while enroute to supervisors.

•           Follow rules and regulations of the road at all times.

•           Follow all company and state enforced safety requirements for loading and unloading product.

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